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Don’t Let Tooth Loss Haunt You

Discover the many benefits to getting dental implants in Cape May County, NJ.dental implants

There are many reasons why adults end up dealing with tooth loss at some point during their lifetime. While most people just assume this problem happens to older individuals, you may be surprised to find that no one is impervious to tooth loss. If you are currently dealing with this issue, our Cape May County, NJ, dentist, Dr. William Panico, is here to provide you with an amazing long-term solution that will have you smiling again.

Here are just some of the incredible benefits you could enjoy if you get dental implants in Cape May County:

A Restoration that Truly Lasts

While you are probably going through other tooth replacement options in order to weigh the pros and cons, one thing is certain: dentures and bridges won’t last nearly as long as an implant. This is because these other restorations do not naturally meld together with the soft tissue and bone in your mouth like implants can.

When the implant is placed into the jawbone it will, over the course of several months, fuse together with the bone and gums. This provides not only a sturdy but also a long-term foundation from which to support an artificial tooth.

Protect Your Jawbone

Did you know that when you lose a tooth, a whole host of other dental issues could befall you if you don’t treat the problem right away? One major complication is that your bone will begin to lose density and shape because the roots of your missing teeth are no longer there to stimulate the development of new bone cells. Luckily, since implants take the place of your tooth roots you won’t have to worry about bone loss once the implant is placed.

Prevent Premature Wrinkles

Didn’t think that dental implants could actually keep you looking young, did you? While they certainly won’t be able to turn back the hands of time on your appearance they can prevent skin sagging as a result of bone loss. As you may imagine, once the jawbone begins to break down and lose its original shape, your facial structure will also change. After all, there is no longer enough bone to support the muscles in your face. As a result, cheeks look sunken in and skin begins to droop and wrinkle.

Don’t let tooth loss have the final say when it comes to your oral health. Discover whether you could be an ideal candidate for treatment by calling Whitecaps Dental in Cape May County, NJ, today to schedule your consultation.