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What Are Crowns And Bridges?

Weakened or damaged teeth can take a toll on your smile and lead to much more complex issues. Luckily, crowns and bridges give crowns and bridgesyou the opportunity to take your smile back by strengthening your teeth and filling in your gaps. Learn about how these dental restorations can work together to restore your smile with help from your Rio Grande, NJ dentis,t Dr. William Panico.

What are crowns? 
Dental crowns are tooth-shaped dental restorations which have many uses. Before placing a dental crown, your dentist must prepare the tooth by shaving small amounts of enamel from the top and sides of the tooth. This shapes the tooth into the correct form to fit inside of the crown and ensures a strong and secure bond between your tooth and its restoration. Dentists use crowns in many situations, including:

  • to strengthen a damaged tooth
  • to stabilize a tooth with a large filling or after root canal therapy
  • to improve the appearance of a misshapen or severely discolored tooth
  • to complete a dental implant
  • to restore the biting surface of a worn tooth

What are bridges? 
Dental bridges fill the gap left behind by a missing tooth. The restoration itself usually consists of three prosthetic teeth in a row. The bridge has a dental crown on either end which secures it into place using the surrounding natural teeth. A removable bridge uses metal clasps to attach itself to the surrounding teeth in place of dental crowns. Missing teeth have several side effects which a bridge reduces the risk of.

Crowns and Bridges in Rio Grande, NJ 
Crowns and permanent bridges have similar procedures. In both cases, your dentist must prepare the tooth to receive the crown by forming it into the correct shape. A temporary crown protects the tooth or teeth while the dental laboratory creates and customizes the restoration itself. A second appointment to place the crown or bridge onto the teeth completes the process.

Crowns and bridges can work together to take care of several dental issues at once. Consult with your dentist to determine if crowns or bridges are a good choice for you and your smile. For more information on dental crowns and bridges, please contact Dr. Panico in Rio Grande, NJ. Call (609) 886-2277 to schedule your appointment for a consultation today!